Writer or Reader? Why do I have to choose?

It seems that the more time I spend writing, the less time I have to read.  I have stacks of books I want to read and my heart skipped a beat when in the Sunday paper I saw there is a new novel out by Peter Mayle. I love his books!  I get attached to characters, especially if I get caught up in a series. I count among my friends a medieval crime solving nun, a spunky bail bonds woman from Trenton, and  a no nonsense Italian policeman named Guido. But I am in the throes of revising a novel I have been writing and easily get lost in it for several hours at a time, pushing up to bedtime.  This of course means I have to leave the stack of reading for another day. If anyone out there knows how to gain a few hours in the day, I will gladly find some time to read your suggestions.

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