Time for Writing

I have read many interviews with established writers and usually they describe a daily writing habit that is routine.  I suspect that before they became established their writing time looked more like mine.  I, like I would assume most novice authors, hold a full time job, outside of writing.  I love mine, I am a teacher, and I will not give my students anything less than my best.  So for me I write almost daily,  but not always at the same time of day. Sometimes taking a day off during the week and making up for it on the weekend. I used to worry I would struggle to find the time to write, now I know that like most things we are passionate about we carve out that time, maybe neglecting the things we are not so passionate about . . . vacuuming anyone?  Sometimes while I sleep my subconscious mind  weaves together a part of a story and I will wake up and scramble for a notebook, or sometimes my laptop to get it all down.  The other night I woke to the title of my next project and what I envision being the ending paragraph, all I could find on my bedside table to write on was an old envelope, so I wrote all over it.   I can hardly wait to spend more time with these new characters!

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