A Tale of Two Characters

Lizzie (The Eyes Have It) and Addie (Pearls of Wisdom), two southern women, both raised in South Carolina, both with strong and wise women in their lives. They both desire a good and honest man to build a life with. That is pretty much where the similarities end.  Lizzie is plagued with self-doubt and a Calamity Jane complex.  She wants to be a gracious, self-assured southern girl, but is still growing into it.  Addie on the other hand is extremely comfortable in her skin.  She likes to buck the expected, no demure southern flower here, and  is fearless in the face of anything new.  Lizzie sees adversity as something to contemplate and figure out.  Addie sees the challenge and jumps in.  Lizzie is a Clemson Tiger fan and Addie is a University of South Carolina Gamecock fan.  For those of you who understand the cult of the southern college football fan, this identifier is as significant as who are your people and where you attend services.  Both have been fun to write and hope entertaining to read.  In truth I think most of us have a little bit of Lizzie and Addie within our selves.  I find myself torn between the two, as they both were born from my brain, thank goodness that unlike football I don’t have to make a choice between them.


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