Writing, revolvers and new experiences . . . there is a connection

If you had asked me if I would ever have an occasion to fire a gun, or step foot into a gun shop and range, I would have told you the likelihood was akin to the likelihood I would win the Publisher’s Sweepstakes (I never enter).  Then along came Addie . . . she is the main character in my book Pearls of Wisdom and unlike me she grew up around firearms and hunting.  Now as the social director in a retirement community she arranges to take a group of seniors to the gun shop and range for a lesson and an opportunity to try out some handguns.  I could have written the scene from my imagination, after all I am sure crime and mystery authors don’t commit felonies or worse to better write their books.  But it just so happens that a local gun shop has a Ladies’ Night so you can learn basic safety, and then handle a .22 revolver and a .22 semiautomatic handgun with fifty rounds to shoot at a paper target (pink of course).  All this and a  t-shirt to boot.  So I convinced a dear friend who is always up for adventure and we went.  I am happy to say we enjoyed the experience and now I can write my scene with authenticity and confidence.  Now if only Addie would decide to take a vacation in the Greek Isles . . . WP_20140911_003

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