Tea and Sympathy

I have a problem . . . one I did not anticipate when I began writing my book Pearls of Wisdom.  In my story I have a character, his name is Angelo and he is the villain of my tale.  He can’t help it really, he grew up in a family where crime is the family business. He is a cog in the machinery that runs a syndicate that runs the East Coast of the United States all the way to South America. He does not call the shots, but he hasn’t chosen a more virtuous path either.  He is compassionate towards others, especially senior citizens.  He has a bad boy swagger and charming dimples that I find hard to resist, think Sonny Corinthos from General Hospital.  Of course with that admission you have discovered one of my guilty pleasures: Soap Operas.  Soaps or stories as my Grandmother called them were a family tradition from her to my mother to me.  For those of you snickering out there, I would argue the point that soaps can tell stories unlike any other genre on television and my exposure from an early age has shaped my story telling as a writer, hey, that’s another blog post idea! Back to my problem . . . Angelo . . . when I conceived him I knew he would be the obstacle to overcome, his bad behavior would need to be punished.  However, I have learned that like most interesting characters, he is complex, not rotten to the core.  He has redeeming qualities and I don’t just mean those sexy dimples.  I have tried dressing him in cheesy clothes to make him less appealing, but then he goes and says something endearing, something that shows his softer side.  I am not the only one with this dilemma, the other characters are just as conflicted, do they try to bring him down, or do they try to extricate him?  As the chapters roll on I hope they can find a way to minimize the inevitable long arm of justice that will reach out to grab him.  Angelo is one bad dude who deserves a little tea and sympathy.

Tea and sympathy

2 thoughts on “Tea and Sympathy

  1. Unlike the villians in my tales. Yours sounds like a neat dude to hang out with shooting pool and throwing darts. I like a villian that is than just bad, of course the optimist in me says no he isn’t bad just misunderstood. I grew up watching the stories too. Days, Another World, Santa Barbara (loved Cruz) (insert dramatic sigh).

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