Blowing Bubbles

Do you remember the joy and wonder of blowing bubbles as a kid?  What shape would they take?  How far would they travel? I recently started using the website  If you are a writer or a reader you should definitely check it out.  You can also find them on Facebook and on twitter @bublishme.  The idea is to connect readers and writers.  As a reader you can search for books to read and discover new authors.  As a writer you create book bubbles (excerpts) and here is the neat part, next to the bubble you create an Author’s Insight that can explain what inspired the scene, or perhaps give intriguing information about your characters past or future.  At first I was daunted by the task of selecting excerpts, after all If the words made it into my manuscript weren’t they all important?  Upon reflection I realized the excerpt should show what I wanted a reader to know about my book.  My book The Eyes Have It is about new beginnings and second chances, but more importantly to me it is about relationships.  One of the most important relationships is between Lizzie and her Aunt Dorothy, so my first excerpt highlighted this and showed the more serious side of the book.  Another thing I thought was important for a reader to know was that this book also has many hilarious parts, many which are loosely based on my own experiences in romance, along with a few friends who encouraged me to use their experiences as well.  So my second bubble and Author’s Insight illustrates such a scene and tells the reader my own experience, showing how my character and I are a bit alike and helping the reader connect with me on a personal level.  Haven’t you ever read a scene and wondered where the writer came up with that? So I plan on blowing lots more  bubbles, you might want to as well.


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