It seems to be human nature to organize our world and our lives into timelines filled with milestones.  These milestones mark significant events they help us see where we have been and perhaps give us clues to where we are going.  As children there are certain birthdays that have greater significance than the others (although the older I get the value in each and every one of them becomes more apparent) for example ten is the first year to be a double digit, sixteen to get to drive and twenty-one you are a legal adult.  Then there are event milestones, graduations, weddings, first job, first mortgage, the list could go on and on.  Some milestones retain their significance over a lifetime while others fade in importance as others take their place in the rankings.  We often create milestones to aim for as we journey towards a goal, steps to measure our progress.  It is one of these milestones that sparked my blog post this week. I have been writing this blog for four months and this is my twenty-first post. A few days ago I passed five hundred views. Around view three hundred ninety-eight I began to contemplate five hundred as a milestone to reach and one-thousand to be the milestone to follow.  I began this blog to define myself as a writer or in publishing world speak, branding myself.  I use this blog to share a bit about myself and my writing.  My goals for this blog are to connect with folks who want to read my work, introduce my characters, inspire readers to connect with me and my characters and of course not just read this blog, but once I get my novels published read those.  I’ll admit I have become fascinated by the stats page that lets me analyze who is reading my ramblings and how they found me.  The thrill I felt when I got my first international view still puts a smile on my face. Along the way to this milestone of five hundred I have discovered a community of fellow writers to learn from and be inspired by.  I hope this was the first of many milestones along this journey.  I invite you to continue along this journey with me and when I reach one thousand I will pause again and give thanks for all the steps I have taken and all the support I received along the way.





One thought on “Milestones

  1. sweetpea2love says:

    Congrats on your 500 views. I know how exciting it is to see the numbers rise and the friends that you make along the way. All the best on your goal to 1000. Take care and happy blogging to ya…


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