The Daffodil Doctrine (Words for the Determined Writer)

As the arctic air sweeps in to the south and our poor friends in New England have more snow than they know what to do with. (Suggestion, have the US military truck it in tanker trucks or  take it by train and dump it in the dried up river beds out west, solve two problems at once, just a thought) I was inspired to snap a picture of the brave daffodils blooming in my front yard.  Not only do they cheer up the bleak landscape of dormant rose bushes and leafless trees, they send the message that Spring is coming, hang on.  That got me thinking about myself and other writers I follow on their blogs who are plugging away to finish manuscripts, find a publisher and learn the complex world of publishing.  The daffodil looks fragile but it’s growth cycle says otherwise.  It  pushes up through the cold ground and opens while most plants are dormant and waiting for the warmth.  Writers write and put their work out there regardless of the reception.  Is it well received? Does it bask in the warmth of approval, ultimately leading to a contract,  or does it face icy silence from the publishing world?  A writer presses on. A daffodil faces the icy wind and just bobs it’s head, “I will have my day in the sun” it seems to say.   I enjoy reading how other writers stay determined in the writing life.  I love the inspiration points and writing quotes Ryan Lanz provides weekly, his offerings are fuel for the determined writer. His blog is called A Writer’s Path and I highly recommend it if you are not already familiar. The down to business part of writing is a solo pursuit, but much like the daffodil, that grows in bunches so does the writer within the community of writers.  So thank you to all the writers out there who blog or run websites to support writers and share their knowledge and experiences.  You are the daffodils of the writing world and keep us determined to be successful in our craft.

Determined Daffodils

Determined Daffodils

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