Germ attack goes Viral

Arsenal Ready

Arsenal Ready

I want to apologize up front, I doubt this will be an entry for the record books and it is certainly not the topic I have been mulling over all week.  But I woke up feeling, let’s say ick, today, no fever, so must press on (117 days into the school year and I have not taken a sick day yet!)  At four this afternoon as I gathered my weekend homework I felt a bit achy and by the time I got in my door I was shivering like a hairless cat stuck on an ice floe.  I crawled into bed and after a bit I took my temp.  Yup, no surprise here but one of the many germs that float around a primary school had decided to take up residence.  I gathered supplies onto my night stand and crawled back in under layers of warm blankets.  Then it hit me, it’s Friday the day I publish a blog entry, not that anyone else might be keeping track but when I made a commitment to write this blog and put myself out there in the world, I made a promise to myself to be consistent.  Sometimes I write earlier in the week and save as a draft until Friday, of course not this week and I don’t feel like writing about my intended topic, saving it for next week.  So I am looking for a bit of sympathy.  I am wracked with icy hands, a shivering spine a hot head and a raw throat.  yes, I know this too shall pass and as a strong southern girl I will put my big girl panties on and instead look at the bright side.  It’s the weekend, won’t have to miss work (I hope).  I have a cozy stack of books on my night stand calling my name, writers need to take time to read.  Laptops work in the bed as easily as the rest of the house.  My two golden retrievers will cuddle and keep me company.  So I am temporarily down, not necessarily a  bad thing.  If we don’t stop to take care of what ails us, germ generated or otherwise, we won’t be able to pour ourselves into our art.  So novel on the back burner, some serious TLC simmering in the front.  Next week back at full speed.

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