The Measure of Time

I am fairly new, not even a year, to the phenomena of Facebook.  I am still exploring its benefits and its detriments.  I love reconnecting with friends from the past who somehow drifted away.  I love seeing photos of kids and events I was missing out on because I was not on Facebook.  One of the things I have observed is it has become a way to measure the passage of time.  People post way back pictures to celebrate or in memoriam.  Milestones are documented: Wow, can that kid really be old enough to get their college acceptance letter? It seems like yesterday they were skipping down the hall at school. There are times I feel time stands still, in Charleston we have many historic landmarks that are preserved with loving care to make it seem as though they were frozen in time. I have found my age stands still for me, somewhere in my early thirties and I have to really think to remember how old I am. Yet in the twenty-nine years I have called this charming coastal community home it has also moved ahead in time with a vibrancy that keeps us in the current century as well.  (Not all growth has been to our benefit, some has changed the feel of our community forever, but that is a subject for another day.) I would like to think my life has progressed with that same vibrancy. My HVAC broke this past week and as I was contemplating whether it would be reparable or need replacing I realized it was approaching it’s tenth birthday.  I have lived in my current house for ten years!  How is that possible?  It seems like yesterday I took the plunge to purchase a single family home complete with yard.  I had never used a lawnmower in my life.  My friend Stacy brought her lawnmower over and gave me a lesson, yes that is me wearing a dress and pearls while having a go at lawn care.  While that seems over the top even for a southern girl, in my defense I vaguely remember I had an event requiring such attire shortly after the lesson.  Behind me you might be able to tell my backyard was completely devoid of plant life, including grass.  Now, ten years later it is a veritable Garden of Eden with magnolia, river birch, eastern redbud, camellias, roses, herbs and so much more. These days I mow in shorts and a t-shirt, I am practical after all.  When I look at that picture I see a year, maybe two gone by, certainly not the decade that has expired.  Those who know me are well aware of my plan to live to be one-hundred, and I guess beyond if my mind is still sharp, one-hundred seems so very far away from my forties.  Yet I am acutely aware that when I get there the lifetime before will seem like mere moments.  So I am going to wear my pearls more often, even for the mundane tasks and try to revel in the present before it’s gone.

First lesson in lawn mowing.

First lesson in lawn mowing.

One thought on “The Measure of Time

  1. Carol says:

    Love this, Julie…. and as someone much older than you – I totally agree! As it seems time passes fast, I’m trying not to wish for the weekend, the special event, the end or the beginning of something…but enjoy each day.

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