Mama Love

Mama and me 1968

Mama and me 1968

Mothers are a common denominator among all humankind.  After all, we all required one to come into existence.  However after birth the experiences we have with that person called Mother are widely varied and extremely personal.  I was blessed beyond measure, born to a mother who not only wanted me, she has continued to love me unconditionally just a few years shy of a half century.  I must admit, I probably have not always made that easy.  We certainly have had many topics on which we have not seen eye to eye, but we respect each other enough to accept our differences.  Another blessing is the fact she is here with me, three quarters of a century old and if our family history is any indication I fully expect at least a quarter of a century more. I know many have had quite different experiences, losing a mother too young, struggling with a complicated relationship, and some don’t even have the opportunity to know their mother.  I find writing mother characters fascinating.  The character of a mother is complex.  She has the role of mother and those relationships to explore, but she also is a person separate from the role of mother.  She has a past prior to motherhood, complete with aspirations that she may have put aside to take on the role of mother.  She may struggle with the balance of wife, friend, career woman, mother etc.  This makes for a character with ample opportunity for conflict, growth and complex interactions with a variety of other characters.  She can be the antagonist or protagonist. My mama, after reviewing my book Pearls of Wisdom, asked me if she was the mother, Miss Eleanor. I assured her that was not the case.  They may be both considered prim and proper ladies, but beyond that Miss Eleanor is a figment of fiction.  Miss Eleanor does not love unconditionally, at least not on the surface. She is not content to accept Addie for who she is. She constantly trying to mold her as she sees fit.  My mama has never tried to change me. She has always accepted me for who I am and for that I am forever grateful.  Thank you mama for giving me a life full of love.  Thank you for always cheering me on and always being a safe haven for me in life’s storms.  Happy Mother’s Day!

One thought on “Mama Love

  1. Malia Allan says:

    A mother may never know what her child really thinks of her so I am blessed to know that you realize how much you have been loved from the very beginning of your appearance on the earth and that is has been unconditional. Along with this love has come respect and pride in your accomplishments, your choice to teach and your caring for other people. You are so very special and I am so very, very blessed.
    You are living a life that matters.

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