Confessions of a Clipper

House Ideas, recipes, garden inspiration

House Ideas, recipes, garden inspiration

I come by this habit honestly, my mother is the queen of clipping although she collects way more than she culls out.  Several times a year I go through my old magazines before recycling and clip out anything that inspires.  My favorite magazines to do this with are Southern Living and Cooking Light.  Southern Living is the perfect blend of house, garden and recipes.  Cooking Light recipes are consistently good and good for you.  I find photos of porches and kitchens that have me designing and redesigning my dream house in my head. Some I try to apply to my current house, but many end up in a file for the future.  My garden file is equally stuffed with plant information and garden design ideas, and my recipe file gets so full I find I have to cull my clippings on a routine basis.  Some recipes get clipped and culled before ever being prepared, leaving me to wonder why I ever clipped them in the first place.  Some become such favorites they earn the honor of a plastic sleeve to preserve them.  My habit has come in handy when I am searching for an idea for hosting Bunco, or even ideas for settings or events for my fictional characters.  I sometimes look at my house file and find clippings that once turned my head and now seem out of sync with my vision, yet I find consistent threads in the pictures over time that reveal myself in the collection of clippings. I suppose Pinterest is the modern version of this. So while on the one hand it seems like clipping is a casual pastime, I would argue it might just provide you with insight or inspiration.  Happy clipping

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