Lost In A Book . . .

Me in the 70's lost in a book

Me in the 70’s lost in a book

There is something magical about getting lost in a book.  Whether you can’t put a book down or you are mesmerized by a voice, live or recorded, bringing a story to life, books give us the world. I can’t remember a time books and stories weren’t a daily part of life.  When my family was stationed overseas my grandparents recorded stories on tape and I would go to sleep to their voices.  My parents both read for themselves and to me.  Needless to say my favorite subject in school was reading with social studies taking a close second. A trip to library was right up there with a trip to get ice cream.  My love of books has been a constant in my four decades of life.  Some books have been thought provoking while others have just made me laugh or left me with warm feelings in my heart.  All books have provided me with a place to take a break from everyday life.  How wonderful it is to explore foreign places or step back in time, or perhaps into the future.  I bet you can easily name at least five books that swept you away and after reading the last page left you changed on some level. Some of those become what I call keepers and they earn a place on my book shelf to live indefinitely. I got thinking about this because at my book club this week we discussed how our selection had pulled us along, mesmerized by the plot even though we didn’t much like the characters.  Sometimes it is the characters that capture your heart and they become like friends throughout a book and it is hard to say goodbye when the book ends. One thing I know for sure, in our high tech fast paced instantly connected world, it is nice to know that something as old-fashioned, or I prefer timeless, as a book is a happy place to call for a timeout and get lost.  Happy reading fellow book lovers!

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