Another Reason I love the South Carolina Lowcountry

Mount Pleasant, SC Waterfront Park

Mount Pleasant, SC Waterfront Park

If it wasn’t for the clouds, we would have witnessed a glowing sunset over the water behind the trees, but being that it is late August, cloud cover was a welcome way to keep the temp down and the breeze coming off the Charleston Harbor and Cooper River was a gentle caress on a Friday night.  The screen you see was set up to play a movie, kind of like an old fashioned drive-in, but with lawn chairs and blankets instead of convertibles and hot rods.  The smell of burgers on the grill and kettle corn wafted along the breeze and children tumbled and played on the grass.  This was my first time experiencing what has become an August tradition in my community and I am so glad I finally did.  At dusk before the movie began we were treated to live music and as darkness settled in the movie finally began.  It could have been the people I was with, a good friend and my two favorite kids in the whole world, or it could have been that it was Friday night and I was ready for some fun and relaxation, either way my exhaustion from the week melted away.  Once again I was struck by how blessed I am to live in this wonderful place with so much to offer. The clouds thinned enough behind us to reveal an almost full “Super” moon and as it followed us home, I was thankful for the lovely souls and lovely places here in the South Carolina Lowcountry.

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