A cottage For Sale

For Sale

For Sale

Recently my heroine Addie, or more specifically her mother Miss Eleanor has forced me to participate in difficult conversation, so it was a delight when Addie was given the opportunity to do something fun. Now, I should say that I do not try to have first hand experience in all my characters do, things on the shady or less moral side, I let my imagination do the writing. However when I can I try to use as much first hand experience as I can, which has lead me to new experiences,  My characters have taken me out of my comfort zone I have now been to a shooting range and gun class and a Turkey shoot for example.  Sometimes they have me driving around town scoping out locations for scenes or possibly a place of employment.  So I was delighted when Addie was given the opportunity to house hunt and find a charming southern home. Perhaps it will entice her dashing detective Jack to consider setting up house keeping and take on the adventure of matrimony.  This house will definitely be a place of safe haven to the important people in Addie’s life.  So, I am actually looking at homes for sale, (via internet, don’t want to waste a realtor’s time) to find the perfect house for her.  Of course the fictional house will most likely be a combination of what I actually find, and I suspect it will be close to the dream cottage I have in my head with a wide wrap around porch, and wide plank wood floors.  I am gleeful with the thought of moving Addie in and giving her assistance in decorating, although that is one talent she gleaned from her proper southern upbringing (too bad she has not learned to cook . . .yet).

One of the joys I have writing my characters is living a bit vicariously through them and having them experience events from my own life, disguised with twists of course. I have found even though my characters begin as a figment of my imagination, as they develop, they take on a life of their own and begin to dictate to me how the story must unfold, at least how they are going to react to all that is going on around them.  Addie is not very domestic and imagining her nesting conjures up some opportunities for humor.  I on the other hand once fancied myself as a Martha Stewart, June Cleaver and Jaqueline Kennedy rolled into one, (Or at least I aspired to be that perfect woman)  so house hunting sounds like a delightful way to spend some days and imagine the happy home a house could be transformed into.  It will be interesting to see how Addie handles all the opportunity for domestic bliss that is coming her way, I can say for sure, I will be a bit jealous. Thankfully she will need me to come along and live it with her.

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