Enchanted Evening

A Thursday Night at Home

A Thursday Night at Home

This past Thursday night I was blessed to spend a few hours with two of the best kids ever (I fully admit I am biased here). It happened to be the eve of the anniversary of the 9-11 tragedy, that still brings tears to my eyes and ache to my heart fourteen years later and I honestly hope it always will.  Otherwise it will cease to be a reminder that we do have a choice to make the world a better place, to not allow the evil in the world to win. After the kids and their adorable puppy went home, I got on Facebook and read many touching posts about honoring those lost on 9-11 and it got me thinking about what is a meaningful way to honor them.  There are grand gestures, donations to charities and moments of silence among many options, but I would like to offer the thought that while remembering on the anniversary is honorable and respectful, perhaps how we live our lives the other days of the year are equally important.  There are a few things I believe wholeheartedly: One, We can not live in fear or the terrorists win. Go out, travel, participate in the world. Two, Love can and will triumph over the evil in this world. And third, making this world a better place is more about daily living, the way we treat others and the attitude we choose to take, than about the grander events that are newsworthy.  Having said that I would like to share with you the enchanted evening I spent with these precious young souls and what I learned.  While I prepared  a meal of a  from scratch Alfredo sauce and tortellini and peas and pancetta, the kids worked on homework and played with the three dogs who were having a blast on their own playdate. We sat down to the table and I shared a blessing from a book of blessings before we broke our bread.  After cleaning up dinner we did some more schoolwork, the older one asking for extra practice with multiplying and dividing integers and I quickly found some worksheets on line (Is that not a dream student who asks for extra homework? The teacher in me was thrilled!). After quizzing the younger one on continents and oceans we had ice cream and set up the board game Clue. While the twelve year-old and I battled our deductive reasoning skills, the seven year old paraded around the house in my high heels.  Throughout the evening we laughed, shared our thoughts and just enjoyed each others company.  If these two are a representative sample of the generation of the future, I believe we are in good hands. None of the things we did that night were extraordinary, but they should be treasured just the same.  9-11 on a grand scale reminded the world how precious life is, even the every day activities of homework, dinner and play.  Before 9-11 many people took the daily blessings like spending such an evening for granted.  For a short time after, they vowed to change that, I would venture to guess many after a time, allowed busyness and other priorities to creep back in, we are all guilty of taking the everyday for granted.  This particular evening reminded me to guard against that.  Despite working all day, spending my evening this way fed my soul and revitalized my spirit, what a blessing!  I look forward to many more enchanted evenings with my loved ones reveling in the ordinary and wish for you the same.

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