Opening Doors

The door to possibilites

The door to possibilites

Recently through conversation someone forced me to open a door in my heart I was not prepared to open let alone acknowledge. But after a few days of the door being ajar I am beginning to be more comfortable with it. Truth be told, I knew the door existed, I think I was willfully trying to ignore it. Isn’t it funny how despite our best efforts to the contrary we are led to where we need to be?  The unknown can be really scary and the hardest part is daring to look and opening yourself up to possibilities. But isn’t that one of the greatest gifts of this life?  We are not meant to be stagnant, we are meant to grow and if you don’t examine what is behind the door you are missing the gifts on the other side.  Now I do think opening the door and walking across the threshold are two entirely different things, walking in is another scary thing, but I do believe ultimately worth the risk when the time is right.  It is okay to just leave the door ajar and get comfortable with what is on the other side, you really only lose out when you don’t allow the door to open in the first place. If the door exists then that is a divine invitation for one to examine it. This has been an aha moment for me and has me contemplating the human heart and mind. I think I have come to the conclusion that the heart is much wiser than the head, the head can fill you with doubts and judgments, leading to all kinds of second guessing and angst. Your heart on the other hand is where love and faith live and where you find your true self. As a writer I find these are the thoughts that help me really develop my characters.  I want them to come to life on the page, to be real enough a reader feels connected to them, those are the kinds of characters I love to read.  The beauty of creating these characters is I can have them open and walk through all kinds of doors and see where the other side takes them. So I encourage you to open the doors along your path and peer in, perhaps you will find the greatest gift waiting for you on the other side.

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