B.Y.O.G and B.Y.O.H, Are you all in?

My B.Y.O.G. Shirt

My B.Y.O.G. Shirt

The Clemson Tiger head coach is an awesome coach, not because he is in the middle of a winning season, but because he gets what it takes to be all in.  Recently he was reported to have told his players, that even though he could teach them the finer points to the game of football and design plays and hold the players accountable for practice, what he could not do for them was the very thing the players would need to win each game.  The players themselves had to bring their own guts and heart onto the field with them, they had to be all in. While this was a great inspiration for the sports field I heard it as an even better inspiration for life. I believe this is an essential truth  The opportunities we are given via education, the experiences we gain in working a career path, The complicated dance of give and take, ups and downs we have in the many kinds of relationships we have with other human beings are not enough if we don’t bring the guts and the heart to our lives and how we live them.  To be fully engaged and reap the biggest blessings we have to be all in.  That means doing the hard work with passion and purpose.  It means caring for and loving others even when they can’t give you the same level in return at this moment.  It means having patience with a child even when they are being difficult.  It means going the extra mile for a client, or student or co-worker.  All in is putting your best out there with perseverance, determination, and love.  You have to be brave, take risks and make sacrifices.  But isn’t it all worth it?  If you are all in, you will get the max out of this beautiful life you have been given.  The romans were on to something with their motto, Carpe Diem! Seize the day, and do it with all that you have, with all of your guts and most importantly all of your heart. I vow to live this life B.Y.O.G. and B.Y.O.H., I am all in.

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