Happy Fall Y’all!

My Front Door. Welcome!

My Front Door. Welcome!

I have had mixed feelings about autumn my whole life.  Summer is my favorite season, so naturally I am not thrilled when it comes to an end.  The days get shorter, and I love the sunshine.  Halloween  is a big part of fall and even as a kid I did not like it much, I was afraid of the dark and anything scary, can’t say I am much better about those things now. I do enjoy the cute things like the smiling Jack-O-Lanterns and the friendly ghosts and of course making things fun for the kids. I don’t care for the time change, why can’t we just leave things like that alone?  Surely I am not the only one who thinks this. On the other hand, my birthday comes in November and it has always been the kick off to the holiday season to me. Thanksgiving is another autumn tradition I look forward to. Not that I care much about the meal,  unless I am cooking it, then I am all about expressing my love through culinary magic for those gathered around my table.  I love any holiday that brings people together and causes us to  pause and celebrate the blessings we have and the loved ones in our lives.  I am a warm weather girl, but I can appreciate a crisp fall day and I like when our highs are the low seventies and nights are in the fifties.  I like lighting a fire in the fireplace or a bonfire with friends, and of course here in South Carolina it is time for oyster roasts to start back up. The lovely colors of the leaves in November are something I have come to look forward to.  When I really examine my thoughts on fall, I have come to recognize it is about attitude.  I can look at fall as a time of darkness or I can see it as part of the cycle of the year with its own beauty and filled with the light of fires and candles and warm ovens,  After all my personal cycle of life began on a cold November night and I have always felt warmth and light in my life no matter what the season.  So bring on the early sunsets and even the creatures of All Hallowed’s Eve, I will be brave (maybe with a nightlight) and look forward to All Saint’s day, marking the beginning of another year of this beautiful life and prepare to trot with the turkeys before sitting down to a thankful table.  Happy Fall Y’all!

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