A Charleston Thanksgiving


WP_20151126_003Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot Charleston 2015

This morning started with mild temperatures and beautiful sunshine.  The starting corrals for the annual Turkey Trot were packed with locals and out-of-towners treated to the view of the steeple from the Citadel Baptist church as it rises over the live oaks draped with Spanish moss that line the Meeting Street side of Marion Square.  That church is separated from The AME church, the site of this summer’s tragedy by a parking lot.  Some joke that Charleston has a church on every corner, and they are not far from the truth.  I think that is one of the reasons our fair city confronted hate with love and aggression from outside forces with peace.

Charleston this year has a lot to be thankful for.  We are far from perfect, we have a long way to go to fix disparities that persist in our community like the nation as a whole.  However I feel hopeful we can and will make Charleston a better place for all because we will tackle the problems with compassion.  Charleston has an attitude of gratitude. A grace that shows itself best in the worst of times, I saw this after hurricane Hugo as well as many times since. It also is what makes Charleston a loving and living community, this of course extends off the peninsula to East of the Cooper and West of the Ashley.

I am thankful for the beautiful preservation that makes downtown Charleston such a charming place to be. My gratitude runs deeper for the graceful people that make the day to day living here so pleasant. We smile and wish folks a good day or evening, we are polite and patient with inconveniences, such as traffic and lines, for the most part. The exceptions to that tend to stick out. We are quick to offer help and cheer each other on, those in our circles and those in the community at large. I think the beauty of the people of Charleston far exceeds the architecture and southern charm of magnolias and camellias. So this Thanksgiving I am thankful for living in a truly beautiful place.






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