Doors and Decisions


The Finalists

I am generally a decisive person.  I chose the College of Charleston with such conviction I never even mailed off any other applications.  When I decided to buy a house I did it in a matter of a week. I decided I wanted to be a writer and I wrote, the stories just pouring out of me.  When faced with major life altering decisions, I will weigh the pros and cons of each option, but then I commit to one, never second guessing.  So I am in a bit of a quandary as to why selecting a new color for my front door has led to months of mulling and waffling.

My house is a warm gray with white trim and black shutters.  The door is currently black as well and I have always found it to be a bit boring.  I have a natural penchant for things red and it is a classic door color, but it is also somewhat predictable.  I am all for tradition and love classic design, but I loathe being cookie cutter or expected.  On a trip to Dublin Ireland I was taken by the charm of the door colors around the city and was particularly drawn to the green ones.  Green would be a bit unexpected, but not too out there, like say purple ( I like purple, just not as a door color on my gray house).

So I originally brought home about twenty paint chips, about two-thirds green and one third red.  I agonized and culled it down to five, interestingly only one is red.  Then I began to overthink it.  What does the color say about me?  What message would it send?  In my mind red tells a visitor you are welcome, this is a cheerful home with a traditional and confident homemaker.  Green on the other hand, while also welcoming, says this homemaker is a bit unpredictable and likes a modern twist on a classic.  Pardon me while I scream my frustration with myself, IT’S ONLY A PAINT COLOR!

Somehow this minor decision has become a major statement on who I am.  Can I be summed up in a paint color?  I think not, I am a bit more complicated and I would dare say multi-colored than that. Besides, I can change my mind quite easily and just repaint if I find I don’t want to live long-term with my decision, much easier to switch then say the purchase of a car or major appliance. So why the angst?  I bet a psychiatrist could have a lot of fun with this.

So what is an indecisive girl to do?  Well, I have not finalized my decision, but I have committed to a deadline for a decision.  I will make my choice by December 31st so that my first weekend project of the new year will be to paint my door. If there is one thing I have learned to do well is to make a plan and commit to it.

Just like a book is revealed in its pages, not its cover, a home is revealed by its atmosphere not its door color. So with a new year I will have a new door color and regardless of what that color might be I know my house will say you are welcome and this is a place to feel at home.

4 thoughts on “Doors and Decisions

  1. Laura Whitley says:

    Red! Red! Red!! That’s the one “on top” in the picture. It’s the one you want. I painted my front door red last spring break and it makes me smile every time I drive up my driveway.


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