The Bling Is The Thing


The finishing touches

Yes, I am still waxing philosophical about my front door and its make-over. When I finally made a color decision and analyzed the meaning behind it, I was so relieved I did not realize I had not quite finished the task.  After all every southern girl worth her salt knows rule 11 states: accessories make the outfit.

Okay, I made that bit up, I am not sure there is a written and numbered rule book for southern girls, but I am sure if there was one, at least one of the rules would address the importance of accessories.  The art of layering jewelry, scarves and just the right shoes or boots take an outfit from presentable to personal style.  At home, the artwork, pillows, and accent lamps do the same.  Those are the items that say this is home and this is who lives here.

So needless to say, I realized quickly my older dark planters that went well with my basic black door, did nothing for my new blue door.  So shopping I went.  Can I just say that finding lime green planters the first weekend in January was a daunting task and took ten stores to find. (I have a little beef with this, as here in the coastal south, planters are maintained year round) I had a vision and I was not willing to settle.  I also envisioned silver as an accent and I could not find a silver A anywhere. I found gold, tin, red, black even hot pink, undaunted I selected a resin tan one and with the aid of some silver spray paint, the vision was complete.

So if I am true to my theme in the past two blog entries; decisions on color are really about taking chances and giving yourself permission to grow and change, then accessories are more than planters and adorable silver birds.  So here goes my take on the accessories.

What we fill up our lives with and the attitude we project out into the world are our philosophical accessories.  Our best accessories are our smiles and the acts of kindness we offer to others.  The bling in our lives are the things we do that honor our authentic selves and leave the world a little better than we found it. It is amazing that when you do these things, people around you will pick up on the inner glow it creates and the joy becomes contagious.  So in this year of renewal I am challenging myself to do something each day that adds some sparkle into the lives of the folks around me.  After all…the bling is the thing.

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