Day 3: 3 Quote Challenge:Love the South

For day 3 I searched out quotes related to my love of the region I live in. This place is so often the muse for my writing, this is a way I can honor her back.

  1. “The South is more than a region- It’s a state of mind, and Southerners seem forever returning there.” -The Book of Southern Wisdom
  2. “I’m going back to Charleston, where there is still a little grace and civility left on the world.” -Rhett Butler (Margaret Mitchell) Gone With the Wind
  3. “That sinuous southern life, that oblique and slow and complicated old beauty, that warm thick air and blood warm sea, that place of mists and languor and fragrant richness.” – Anne Rivers Siddons, Colony

Here are three blogs to check out:

The Laquered Life: written right here in downtown Charleston

The Daily South:  I am a long subscriber to Southern Living and this is their blog extension.

For the Love of the South: lots of southern food on this one.


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