Caught In A Cover-Up

WP_20160213_002Conventional wisdom tells us you can’t judge a book by its cover. In today’s book world the opposite seems true.  After all, go in any book store and you will find many books not on shelves with spines out, but stacked on tables so that the cover is in full view of the browsers.

I’ll admit it, I do initially judge a book by its cover. I will be attracted by the color scheme or the cover art. That in turn will lead me to read the title. If that appeals as well, then I will pick it up and flip it over to read the description on the back.  We are visual creatures and accept or reject something from a glance.  Rightly or wrongly, not passing judgment here, just making an observation.

Of course the initial visual attraction can quickly fizzle if what is inside the cover does not deliver.  I believe we have all had that experience of meeting someone and being attracted by their look or even the fact you share one common interest. Only to be disappointed when you get to know them better and find you have nothing else in common or you can’t relate to their values.  Or bought a product based on appearance only to find it lacked in functionality.  However you took a closer look because of that initial attraction.

So here is the happy dilemma I find myself in.  I am beginning the process of designing book covers for the books I plan to publish this year.  These covers need to attract readers to them. They need to reflect what is between the covers. They also need to speak to who I am as an author and convey a recognizable style that will be tied to me moving forward.  No pressure here! This decision is up there with what to wear to an important interview. Fortunately I will work with a professional who can translate my ideas and help me create a cover design I hope will become my signature style.

When I think about my wardrobe or even my home décor, I would say I have cultivated a style that is easily recognizable by my loved ones.  When we are browsing in a store, they will say things like, “That is so you.”  I want my book covers to do the same thing. I want a reader to glimpse the cover and say I know that author.  So while writing the books might be the blood, sweat and tears of the work, the cover decision might easily be the hardest part of the process. I believe I am up for the challenge.

I can hardly wait, and luckily I won’t have to wait long, to see this first cover and this first book revealed. Stay tuned, end of March or beginning of April if the current timeline holds. Then the cover can start catching some readers!

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