Sip and Savor



A small batch bourbon in Charleston

I recently went out with two friends to the bar at Husk in the heart of historic Charleston.  We went there to try the cheeseburger which came highly recommended. I had expected an interesting and lengthy drink menu and I was not disappointed.  I was highly impressed that the golden liquid called whiskey and bourbon had a menu book all of their own.  The range was seven to sixty dollars with offerings from all over the world and many from the United States.  I admit I enjoy a good bourbon, I tend to be a wine drinker, but I thoroughly enjoy a bourbon and ginger, or a quality selection poured neat. One of the friends I was with was quite knowledgeable about many of the offerings.  The other one was a complete novice.  She asked would you get it with water, over ice, with a mixer?  We explained to her that a quality bourbon is meant to be sipped, to be savored.

That got me thinking about quality versus quantity. I thought about the tendency in our instant and fast paced world, to grab and go, rather than sit and sip.  I have come to appreciate the smaller and slower things in life.  A slice of artisan crafted cheese over a pound of factory produced cheese. One set of high thread count sheets over a linen closet full of multiple sets of lesser quality. A well-made, classic article of clothing over a bag full of trendy lesser quality clothing from a chain store.

I like to think that I have crafted my life in a way that I savor the moments, even the mundane things.  It is a battle sometimes in this world to go, go, go, constantly looking forward and not savoring the moment we are in. I think writing keeps me more reflective and thoughtful and observant. I hope that makes me a bit more appreciative of the beauty in the everyday as well as the moments that sparkle.

If I think about life as a fine bourbon, enriched over the passage of time, then I have to draw the conclusion that life should be sipped and savored. Bon Santé my friends!

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