Mammograms and Monograms

WP_20160227_001 (2)I have to begin this post with a confession. Sometimes when I receive work emails I glance at the subject line, rather than carefully read.  In my defense when I am checking emails throughout the school day, I glance and only zone in the ones from parents looking for dismissal changes and things that might be time sensitive. The rest I save for reading after the children have left for the day or even the next morning.

Recently we had an email from the front office and I got really excited.  Mobile Monogram van taking appointments. Wow!  A monogrammer was going around to schools to help us teachers get our monogramming done.  Immediately I was thinking what I could get my J or my A or both put on. What a great business idea.  I have not met a southern girl yet who does not appreciate a pretty monogram.  I am a bit embarrassed to admit, it was not until the next day that my bubble was burst.  On close inspection the email read, mobile mammogram van . . . oh well, maybe some savvy entrepreneur will read this and mobile monogram service will pull up to the curb in the near future. In the mean time I signed up for the mammogram, grateful for the service, but I’ll admit it, a bit disappointed.

Both monograms and mammograms are womanly things and even better if they can conveniently be on location.. Your monogram is part of your style and can make everyday items a bit more special.  A mammogram can help ensure you have more time to enjoy the everyday and the special.I have known too many women who have suffered through breast cancer. Many have survived, some have not and I miss them dearly. So while myself and I suspect many others would like to focus in on the pretty things in life, we need to make sure the women in our lives are taking care of the slightly uncomfortable, awkward things, like mammograms. It can possibly save their life.

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