An Author is Born!

WP_20160412_001 before 6 a.m. capture of the Amazon listing

It seemed to happen in an instant. Monday night I went to bed a writer aspiring to be an author. Tuesday I woke up as a published author.  It was thrilling, surreal and I am sure one of the top ten moments of my life so far. This is a monumental milestone and a great moment to reflect on the journey.

The truth of the matter as I have been headed for this moment since I attempted to write an antebellum drama in the fourth grade. I was drawn down different paths over the years and periodically dabbled in the writing, somehow always being drawn back. The journey became a serious trek about two almost three years ago.

I have always been a long range planner, I like to know what things will be like not just a day or a week from now but a decade or so ahead. Now, I have learned the hard way, that plans change on a dime and paths get redirected, but I still like a long range framework to work from. So almost three years ago when I realized I was a decade away from ending my teaching career I began to fret. Did I need another degree to do what came next?  What were my options. A good friend reminded me I loved to write. I did love to write, but could I be disciplined with it?  Could I write things other people would want to read? How in the world did you get published?  There were so many questions, but I was hooked.

Enter another friend who has experience and know how and with a few meetings over coffee, I was given a direction to begin my journey, I launched a blog page, and I wrote some novels. I investigated paths to publishing, I learned about covers . . .the learning curve has been steep. I have been grateful for the many people who have supported me along the way, by sharing knowledge, reading my work and giving me feedback and editing, editing, editing! I learned about pre-orders and launch dates and pricing. I have the book on an introductory special of just $2.99!  Here is the link to my pre-order page if you want to check it out,


This journey is far from over. I have reached the first goal. This is not the end of the road, it is just a mile-marker on the rest of my life trip. Excited, awed, humbled, blessed, these are just some of the ways I feel at this juncture. I am in this for the long haul, but for a moment, I want to stop and breathe deep. I want to savor this moment. Even though it took an instant to make the change from writer to author, it has taken dedication and work to bring that instant about. Savor your accomplishments and enjoy your journey!

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