A Feast For The Eyes

Feast for the eyesImages are in many ways as impactful as words.  In this age of multi-media and technology constantly at our fingertips, we are bombarded daily with images. Some draw us in. Some tell us  a story, think iconic photos in news stories.  Some manipulate us as consumers.  In the educational world we call these images visual literacy.

One site that has made us visually literate is Pinterest. It gives us a place to seek inspiration and collect images by categories and themes.  Sometimes an image sparks the idea. Other times the idea drives the collection of the images.

That is what happened with five of the boards I have created. I had written my novel, The Eyes Have It and I hope the scenes I described helped readers paint the pictures of my beloved lowcountry in their minds. I wanted to create some boards that showed how I see the lowcountry. How I see the natural beauty as well as the charm of Charleston and the surrounding communities. I also wanted to share the food that is such a part of  lowcountry culture and hospitality.

Madison Avenue has long understood the psychology of images. Now people use them regularly on blog posts, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I am sure that there are many more sites where images are essential, that this still learning the social media world writer is unaware of.

I find image searching a relaxing pastime. It helps me flesh out my ideas. It helps me dream of possibilities. It is a communication tool that has no language barriers, although I am sure there could be some cultural confusions.  Images help us connect with the world. Technology has made our world smaller. It has also given us the tools to make our personal worlds expand exponentially.

A feast for the eyes, a set of images can inspire, teach, and connect you with our world. They can also leave you hungry for some shrimp and grits with a hot buttered biscuit!

2 thoughts on “A Feast For The Eyes

  1. I love searching for photos of beautiful places. Old castle ruins, towering cliffs being pounded by crashing waves, night skies, stormy skies and seas. Powerful images. Hope you and the Eyes Have it is doing well.


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