The first four books of my summer reading stack!

I am a year-round reader, but in the summer, I truly devour books. I can easily read multiple books in a week and I go through withdrawal when every August I have to slow the pace as I get back to the rhythm of a school year.

Here we are at the beginning of the summer and I am ready to dive in! You probably looked at my first four titles and thought, “Whoa Nellie, those are some eclectic picks!” and you would be absolutely right. Three of them are the next three months of book club selections and one was highly recommended by a friend and is written by a fellow debut novelist and I feel very inclined to support it.

I have a few favorite genres, mysteries and historical fiction topping the list and if I can get into a mystery series set in a time period, like the middle ages or the twenties, then I am in reader’s paradise! I do think it is important to be a well-rounded reader so I also enjoy contemporary women’s fiction, the more southern the better, and I enjoy reading about historical figures. I have also enjoyed some science fiction/fantasy works over the years.

One of the things I love about my book club is the selections are varied and some have been challenging reads, due to subject matter or genre. However, even if I found a book challenging to read, I have never reached the end of a book without learning something as a writer. As a reader I have learned to appreciate genres I might have passed by otherwise.

I love how a book can transport us through time or introduce us to a new place. I love when I fall in love with the characters, particularly in a series when you can re-visit them again and again. I have found myself a bit angry at an author when they have chosen to end a series.

Reading is a gift that lasts for our lifetime. I can’t imagine what it is like to not know how to read or to not enjoy it. As an educator I am horrified that there are people who choose not to read. In my classroom I view as my prime objective to not only help students fall in love with books, but to turn them into lifetime readers.

I’ll admit that is more of a challenge in these modern times with social media and technology demanding a chunk of our free time. You know that age old question about what would you want with you on a desert island? One of my items would be a never-ending library. Food, water, shelter, sure! But books to occupy my mind are a must have.

Happy reading my friends!

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