My First experience with the “Adult” coloring book

Distractions are welcome when you are recovering from surgery. I am no stranger to recovery, having had multiple surgeries over the years However I went into this one I had Friday to remove a non-cancerous tumor, as minor. The surgeon had reassured me, due to the location it would be easy, just small incision, pop it out, home by the afternoon.  Well, I was home by the afternoon, but the rest was not so easy.

It was bigger than anticipated, also deeper. Interpret here, more invasive removal, hence bigger incision and more painful recovery.  I have a horrible history with anesthesia so despite the anesthesiologists misgivings, he acquiesced to my desire for deep sedation over general anesthesia. I assumed that would mean faster brain recovery, less fog and less nausea. I came out of it better than in the past but the nausea and the fog have lingered. So much for best laid plans.

I did try to rush the process by getting of  pain meds and switching to acetaminophen in thirty-six hours only to find myself in breath stealing pain hours later, so under doctor’s advice I went back on and just came back off with more manageable pain levels. So begins the effort to get over the fog, fatigue and nausea. This is my first attempt at anything substantial, but it feels good to do something normal and routine. I love that my blog has become a routine part of my world!

Recovery means time, so the optimist in me envisioned laying back and indulging in good books, Netflix and maybe even some writing. I can barely check my Facebook without falling asleep. I can’t read because I can’t hold the comprehension and today is the first day I have been able to follow a show on television.

I have had a lovely group of friends who have come to visit and even play cards to distract me and I have so appreciated that. One of my students had given me an adult coloring book for an end of year gift and I found at least the first page a good distraction. One thing that is great about it, is if you fall asleep you pick up where you left off. Another bonus is there is no need for comprehension, just the soothing selection of colors.

Distraction does not take away the issue, but it does give you a way to not focus on the problems at hand, so I totally get why so many adults have flocked to their childhood pastime of coloring.

I am looking forward to returning to my books and getting lost in them. but for now I will color a little, nap a little and be glad to be on the mend.

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