Beauty In The Everyday


Monogrammed Handkerchief

Our modern world is filled with fast and disposable conveniences. From tissues, paper towels, and even one use dental floss picks.  While on the go or dealing with children these disposable items definitely have their value, yet I sometimes think the utilitarian qualities of these conveniences has taken some of the beauty of the everyday.

Take for example the lovely linen handkerchief I have shared here with its monogram and delicate design. Almost too pretty to consider using, right? Well, it may not be what I would want to soil while fighting a cold, but I would definitely use it for other everyday tasks and then launder it like a pro. It may seem like a simple thing, but by choosing to use this hanky I am saving the lives of trees. I’m also soothed by it’s beauty. This was not made by a machine, but by the loving hands of a family member. Pulling this out of my handbag reminds me of that connection. It brings a smile to my face. I can say with certainty that a paper towel or tissue has never done that.

I have long made a habit of packing a cloth napkin and real silverware in my lunch box each day. Yes, that is a sustainable, good for the world practice and I am glad of that, but that was not my motivation to begin that practice. I do it to add a bit of home and care into my workday. I enjoy the patterns and colors on the cloth napkins and I find they remind me to savor my lunch and pause in my day to appreciate the moment. the extra items in the laundry are a small price to pay.

If you have beautiful things, things that speak to you and have the power to brighten your day, I say use them. Not just for special occasions, but for the daily occasion of living. Adding beauty into the everyday takes very little effort with the big payoff of refreshing your soul as you move through our fast paced, high tech and disposable world.

I would like to think here in the South we are a bit better at practicing this, but even here modern life takes its toll. If we are mindful and take care to use beautiful items in our everyday we can insulate ourselves from the effects.

I dare you to serve Tuesday night dinner on the good china or treat yourself to a pleasing insulated mug to pour your work coffee into and ditch the throwaway cups. Be mindful of the beauty in everyday life.

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