The Beginning of the End

beginning of the end

I’m finishing up the last two chapters of the second book featuring my heroine Lizzie and I find myself a little melancholy. I don’t like saying goodbye to these characters who have been living a rich and active life in my mind for the past several months.

Now there is one more Lizzie book planned. I have imagined a trilogy  through which to share her life, so it really is only goodbye for now. I imagine when I get to the end of the third book I might need some grief counseling.

I have experienced this melancholy before. The last few weeks of high school and college were exciting but also sad. Moving on is necessary for growth yet we grieve for the loss of the way things were. Over time I have come to understand when one chapter closes a new one begins (literary illustration intended). Not so tongue and cheek let me continue with the thought that our life is a blank book and we get to write the pages. Hopefully that means we have volumes of what comes next before our final the end.

In other words and ending is just the beginning of what comes next. I am comforted by the fact I will live with these characters through a third book and I suppose they will live in me forever. This cast of characters are special in the sense they are the first ones I have shared with the rest of the world.

In a few days I will send this off to the editor and in a few months I will share this next part of Lizzie’s story with the world. For now, I will keep Lizzie and her loved ones close to my heart.


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