If you detected a theme connecting last week’s post with this one, you would be correct. I hit the proverbial wall this past weekend. It happens every August and I have learned after twenty-four years, the only remedy is to unplug.

Not only did I ban computers and tablets. I even neglected my phone. I did venture to the grocery store, but no farther and the only fellow living creatures I spoke two were my always supportive golden retrievers. I did indulge in some Netflix binge watching, but I also spent time getting my house back in order. I believe there is an old adage about  clean space, uncluttered mind.

I am not a “neat freak” or a minimalist. When I am particularly busy, my dining room table becomes buried in the debris of a week of dropped items to be dealt with later. My desk at school? It is only neat on the first day of school and the last. Every day in between it’s a battle to keep it semi-organized. I am proud to say that 99.9% of the time I know where everything is.

One of the most satisfying  tasks  I accomplished during my self-imposed time-out weekend might seem trivial, but it had the biggest impact on rejuvenating my mind and spirit. I tackled the cooking utensil drawer in my kitchen. I took everything out, cleaned the drawer and the organizers then reorganized all the tools. Now the spatulas are in their own space and so are the measuring spoons. Even the mushroom brush and ginger grater are neatly laid in a new home. Order brought to the chaos of several years of tossing items  back in the drawer.

Chaos brought to order by just a little effort and attention. So I am going to try to make it my goal to spend at least two evenings a week and maybe most of a day on the weekend to unplug not just from technology, but from the real world. I will try to rest but also to take on something  to return to order. Hopefully, that will help me stay more balanced between teacher, writer, and daily life.

Wishing you a day or two to unplug so when you power-up you can be at optimal performance.

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