Revelations From A Grocery Run



My Hurricane Hermine Supplies

There are a lot of anecdotal stories of how in moments of crisis the true character of a person is revealed. I suspect we could learn a lot about our fellow man by peering into grocery carts with an impending  storm in the forecast.

In the south, that tends to be for storms that are tropical in nature. I imagine for my northern friends its snow and ice. I actually went to the grocery store two days before, but I realized I had forgotten a few things I really wanted.

I suppose I could have made do with what I already had, but there is something irrational that takes over when there’s a storm coming that might leave you isolated for a few days. For reasons I can’t explain, popcorn was the top of that list for me. I suppose I imagine I will be curling up with a nice hot bowl of popcorn and watch a movie while the storm rages outside. Nice thought, if we keep electricity.

I should have realized the irrational need of my fellow man to raid the grocery store before a big event would be at a fevered pitch when I actually had to wait for a parking spot. Or, perhaps when I got one of only three carts left in the cart rack. The checkout lines were ridiculous as I began running the gauntlet of chaotic carts and overtired children I mentally prepared for a long wait to get out with my purchases. Fortunately, the situation was much better by the time I took my place in line.

I chuckled to myself as I observed multiple shoppers with carts with mostly beer and wine. The toilet paper aisle was almost wiped out. I had bought my water two days before, but I could imagine that was pretty decimated as well. Some carts were so stuffed with frozen foods I wondered if they understood the concept of storm prep. Veterans know, you don’t spend on perishables, you might lose them if power is lost.

For the most part, people were polite and calm. For some, this is their first experience with a hurricane and while it might cause some damage, for those of us who lived through storms like Hurricane Hugo, we are more annoyed at the disruption to our routines than nervous about the storm. As I’m writing this I am realizing I still need to secure the patio furniture and the plant pots….ugh…and here I was, all ready to just snuggle down. Maybe when I finish, I’ll pop some corn.

Wishing all in the path of the storm, safety and a good supply of whatever it is that will get you through it.


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