A Southern Shower



The Front of the invitation I crafted for a friend’s shower

Some traditions are sacred to womankind and I like to think showering the bride is one of them. The bridal shower is a rite of passage. The gifts from any decade are intended to help set up a new household with style. Here in the south, that means oodles of monogrammed items from linens to glassware. The hostesses carefully select decor to integrate with the bride’s color scheme. The feminine touches of white, lace and flowers evoke membership in a truly special group, the company of women.

While we enjoy the mini-cupcakes, signature drinks, and the charming party favors, One friend made lovely jars of sugar scrub for all the guests, I think it is the continuity of the tradition that we find the most pleasing. The rhythm of life is confirmed every time we baptize a baby or hold a funeral for a loved one. Our celebrations of special occasions are milestones for the celebrant and welcome respites from the daily routine for those who are blessed to participate.

Isn’t it nice that life offers up occasions for us to pause, take stock, and count our blessings.? I found this shower to be sweet and relaxing. The aesthetic touches. from the candle in a large cream lantern on the table to the mason jars wrapped with burlap and raffia set the atmosphere. The women, most of whom have known each other for years, felt those bonds of friendship strengthened by our shared happiness for the bride. We oohed and aahed over the lovely linens, many of them monogrammed . We wrote messages of advice for the couple and made the traditional bouquet out of the ribbons off the packages. But mostly we enjoyed each other’s company.

What a gift we woman have in the company of other women, celebrating the beautiful moments in life together. What a blessing that the time-honored tradition of showering the bride is still alive and well.



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