Third Annual Review



November 12, 1971, my third birthday

Birthdays are more than a special day to celebrate, they are a reminder that it is time to take stock and reflect on the past year. Birthdays are a measuring stick of where we have been and a chance to plan where we want to be by the time the next birthday rolls around.

Sounds a lot like New Year’s Day. As a teacher, it also sounds like the beginning of a new school year every August. For the past twenty-four years, I have had three annual reviews. New Year’s I share with the whole world. The start of the school year I share with all the other educators. While I am sure many people were born on November 12th like me, in fact,two of my dear friends and two co-workers share it with me, it still feels like my own personal day. Three times a year, that I can take stock and make new goals.

I have so enjoyed my forties and I am glad I have a couple more years left in them. This past year I would have to say was one of the most special. I published my first book and have the second one coming out next week. I am in a good place, professionally and personally. I am content and am thoroughly enjoying living day to day. I am optimistic about where I am heading and how life will unfold in the coming years. This review gets an A+ rating.

I know this, no matter what this next year may have in store for me, I am truly blessed with the family, friends, and opportunities I have been given on this journey. Happy Birthday to me, and I wish for many more!


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