Hooked. . . My Own Lizzie Moment



My Holiday Blouse Purchased with Book Signings In Mind

For those of you who have read my books, The Eyes Have It and The Heart Knows It, then you are familiar with my heroine, Lizzie. Many who know me well say there is a lot of me in Lizzie and I have to admit she and I and kindred spirits in some ways. The biggest way would be when we are trying to be graceful in our movement we don’t always pull it off.

Lizzie is prone to falls and freak accidents with water pipes.  I have walked into a concrete column after a kiss and had a folding chair collapse on me in the middle of a crowd enjoying a band at our local Blessing of the Fleet.

This beautiful blouse led me to my latest moment. Luckily my folly was only witnessed by my very kind neighbor who rescued me.  You may notice that this blouse is full of holes. The crochet effect is part of what makes it stunning. I have to admit for my two book signings Saturday, at my alma mater, College of Charleston Alumni Weekend and at the Charleston Holiday Market up at the convention center, I received lots of compliments. Unfortunately, there is a hidden danger, at least for those of us prone to embarrassing moments.

To compliment my snazzy holiday outfit, I had pulled out my equally eye-catching, red-quilted and black patten leather purse with its gold chain straps.As I was departing to the first of the two signings, I tossed the purse onto my shoulder feeling like a fashion plate. I walked out to the car and went to take the purse off my shoulder to place in the car. To my surprise, the chain on the purse was attached to one of the crochet sections on the arm of the blouse.

Know it is important to know the purse was not only laden with the typical items, but it had my tablet and its charger in it as well as a few extra items I thought I might need at my two events. the weight alone would tear my new blouse easily. So I supported the bag in my hand and much like the Hunchback of Notre Dame, lurched across the street all bent over, praying my neighbor Kate would be home.

Fortunately for me, she was. With amusement on her face, she graciously extricated me and complimented me on my outfit. She spared me laughter, although I suspect she had a good laugh sharing the moment with her husband after I left. This does not bother me at all, I have much experience providing folks with something to laugh about.

So  lesson learned, keep purse away from  the blouse, or use a purse with no chains…Either way, I am proud to have my Lizzie moments. After all, Lizzie finally gave me the courage to become an author.


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