Southern Girl Rule #79: Reuse and Repurpose



The chair that inspired a repurpose

If you read magazines like Southern Living or Better Homes and Gardens like me, you see plenty of stories of how a home owner decorated primarily using hand-me-down and garage sale type finds. They use paint and fabric, change knobs and legs and transform pieces into treasures. Sometimes they take items made for one purpose and use them in new and unique ways, proving that most things can be versatile if you use a little imagination.

So what does this have to do with a new and very modern classroom chair? Well, for a number of years I have used chair pouches to help my students corral folders and also to add a warmer, comfortable feel to my classroom. My Mama has sewn two sets of classroom pouches for me over my career and the last set we added iron-on turtles to go with m school’s mascot. Well if you have read my blog lately, you know I am changing schools and switching from a loggerhead to a coyote. So this summer I got excited and paid a pretty penny to have patches put on over the turtles to show the coyote and lettering to name the school and my section, 1D. That’s reusing, right?

Fast forward to moving in and finding that after twenty-five years in a public school classroom, someone has decided the typical chairs are no longer adequate and modern curvy backs are the bomb. I imagine by now you realize where I am going with this. Alas, the pouches don’t fit.

After a moment or two of panic and a black hole opening up and sucking money into it, with the help of some co-workers and friends I began problem-solving. Could we add something to the pouch? Could we attach the pouch to something that would fit the chair? Could we beat the chair into a normal shape? (No one suggested that one, it just flashed through my mind, I’m not a huge fan of modern- pretty to look at, not practical and I definitely wouldn’t want to live with it.) Each suggestion had its own difficulties.

After several conversations and text exchanges with my friend Emily, we have come to the second part of the rule. If you can’t re-use, then repurpose. We will be cutting out all those wonderful patches and reattaching them to curtains and who knows what else, we have a pow-wow scheduled in the room to brainstorm.  This rule is definitely more fun and more productive with a friend.




One thought on “Southern Girl Rule #79: Reuse and Repurpose

  1. Shannon says:

    I just had a little flash of you pounding those chairs flat 🙂
    I had that same thought for a second when placing the shapes together to form a table. I can’t wait to see the placement of the patches!


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