Bunnies on Break

WP_20180331_001I often think of myself and fellow educators as “Energizer Bunnies”. For blocks of time, we keep going and going until we think we have nothing left in the tank (If you are not a teacher or around teachers, you may not understand how draining the job is). When we think we can’t possibly do one more day, a break arrives.

Sometimes it’s just a day like Labor Day or President’s Day, and they do offer a mini-recharge, but sometimes it seems that those four-day weeks are harder than the more routine five-day week, effectively negating the extra day of rest.

Then there are the bigger breaks like Christmas and Spring break, which give you a longer recharge. As long as you don’t try to cram too much into the time (and that is hard not to do) you actually return to school with the tank filled and ready to go. I love Christmas break, it gives you time with family and to celebrate the end of one year and the beginning of the next. But Spring Break for some reason is not just time to enjoy it truly is essential to keep teachers in the profession.

The few weeks before Spring break seem to be the longest weeks of the year. The mental exhaustion brings on fantasies of retirement or thoughts of a career change. The students check out mentally and backslide to beginning-of-the-year behaviors as if the one-hundred and thirty plus days of procedures and expectations must have been communicated in a foreign language. Just when we think we can’t possibly handle anymore, Spring break arrives.

So as I sip my coffee and look over my way too long to-do over the break list, I plan to edit it down to just the must do’s and work in a little fun as well, lunch with friends, happy hour with a colleague, a former member of our staff, who is spending her Spring break here and those of us in town with gather to see. I even left my plan book at school, unlike Christmas break, I refuse to do any work for school this week. (Many people don’t realize that most prep and writing report cards for Elementary teachers are done on our own time, as the school day only provides us with forty minutes in which to take a bathroom break, answer emails etc, we don’t get a lunch break either.)  With the exception of one early morning doctor’s appointment, I will not set an alarm, I will stay up past nine and get up after the sun. So nine days from now I will be re-energized to tackle the stretch until Summer.

Summer, a whole post topic on its own. It is the comp time for all the extra hours worked the rest of the year (mathematically it falls short of the actual amount of comp time earned if you compare hours worked to hours contracted for). But I digress, Spring break is here and I plan to savor it.

Happy Spring and Happy Easter y’all!

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