Bring It On 2019!



Wilbur, my resident party animal, plus neither dog would wear the glasses for a picture…

The last few days I have been able to indulge in some of my favorite morning television and of course, they were discussing resolutions and goals for the coming year and they also had on tape what the various personalities had said for 2018 on tape, playing back and admitting to their fails and celebrating their successes. Which initially gave me the idea to write a post today, on the first day of this new year.  Here is my accountability in writing out there for the world to see, not just a note taped to my bathroom mirror, to be removed a few months down the road.

I had purchased a set of 2019 glasses to use with my students on the first day back to school and had thought how great if I could get the dogs to wear the glasses for the post photo (and I didn’t even drink last night!) Needless to say, that was a photo shoot that didn’t happen. Plan B…There was Wilbur just sitting there, a willing crazy eyewear model and upon reflection a much better representation of me.

Why? So glad you asked. If your familiar with the character Wilbur from Charlotte’s Web, then you know he is loyal, optimistic about the goodness of people (and spiders) and the world in general. I like to think those traits are part of my make-up. Call me crazy, but I think 2019 will be a great year, the world will become a better place, People will be kinder and more compassionate towards others and we will rise above the ignorance and fear that dominated many of our national conversations in 2018.

While I can’t control the actions and words of others, I can choose mine. I can let, peace, compassion, and love begin with me, from what I say to what I do, not just in the big moments, but in the mundane everyday moments.

So my resolution for 2019 is to measure my words and actions against this ideal. That’s my commitment to making the world the better place I envision it to be and I invite you to join me.

Now for the more mundane (yet equally important to me) goals. I’m recording them here as a way to make me accountable.

  1. Exercise daily: 5 days at the gym, walking the dogs daily, yoga 2-3 days a week (Note this isn’t about weight loss, although that should be a nice side effect. I’m focusing on my strength, balance, and flexibility so I can make it to my goal age of 108 standing straight and moving around on my own power). You could say I share some physical characteristics with Wilbur as well, rather rounded and soft.
  2. Save a full month’s salary in the emergency fund (I know it should be more, but I’m trying to be realistic here, knowing there may be an appliance or two that will need replacing this year.)
  3. I will finish and get out into the world my fourth book.

If 2018 was any indication, I’ll be back to this moment at the beginning of 2020 in what will seem like a mere blink of the eye. So come on 2019, there is no time to waste, I’m off to the gym!


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