Book Projects


The Eyes Have It: 


This is a story about a woman who at the end of her 20’s finds out that the life she had envisioned for herself was built on lies and has fallen apart. She retreats home to coastal South Carolina and in a journey of self-discovery  she faces her truths and rebuilds her life. Her journey is full of missteps and humorous interludes that in a way, lead her back to her beginning. Pre-0rder available April 12 $2.99 through April 30, 2016. Release date: April 20, 2016

The Heart Knows It:


Lizzie Long Wilson’s story continues. Now she is clearly facing middle age and finds herself caught between a tween-age daughter and aging loved ones. Balancing, work, family and self is more challenging than she expected.  Can she still be true to herself, honor her elders and manage her marriage and children?  Lizzie tackles these issues with her usual stumbles. Endearing and humorous, the lessons she learns will show her the truths that have always been in her heart. Expected Release September/October 2016

The Soul Believes It:

The Soul Knows It Cover for Bookmark

The next installment of the Lizzie Long Wilson story.

Caroline Bowman Sawyer, A pearl wearing, well-heeled, loving mother—the image Lizzie has carried with her from the tender age of five when she lost her in a car crash. Now a letter found shatters all Lizzie thought she knew. Her journey to discover the flesh and blood Caroline and the family branch she never met will challenge her notion of family. Does blood require love? When do you fight for family and when do you walk away? Family truths may be hard to face. One thing is for sure, Lizzie’s soul will guide her way.

Expected Release  July 2017


A Life Colored In:

In the lowcountry home series the heroine Lizzie Long Wilson has always romanticed her mother Caroline. Lizzie’s parents Caroline and Bobby died in a car crash when she was just five years old. In the book: The Soul Believes It, Lizzie discovers the real Caroline and gains family in the process. while writing that story, the character of Caroline cried out to have her whole story told. A Life Colored In shows how despite a childhood in black and white, one can live a life in full color.

Expected Release Date Fall 2017

The Addie Lewis series:

The heroine of these tales Addison Lewis, (Addie for short)  is a woman in her mid-thirty’s who decides it is time to grow up and leave the fun of bartending behind. She takes on a job at a retirement home.she learns a lot about life while she builds relationships with the residents. She also works on the strained relationship she has with her own mother and gets brave enough to explore the possibility of a committed relationship. This series of books follows Addie as she takes the journey all must take, coming to her own and becoming the gracious southern woman she was born to be.

The first book: Pearls of Wisdom (Expected Release 2018)

Addie takes on a job as a social director at a retirement home, she learns a lot about life while she builds relationships with the residents and gets caught up in some nefarious goings-on that seem to plague her new workplace.  There may even be a chance for romance with a police detective.Set in Mount Pleasant South Carolina The Sunset House is home to gracious southern grandmothers, a sprinkling of transplants from other parts of the country and even a few  men.  Hilarity ensues as she tries her hand at amateur sleuthing. She bonds with three of the residents and gains more than friendship, she garners pearls of wisdom to last a lifetime.

The second book: Diamond In the Rough

Addie is now firmly entrenched in a “grown-up” job as CEO of the retirement home. Her relationship with her mother is finally a warm one and her romance is blossoming with the charming Detective Jack Doyle. So all is smooth sailing?  Not by a long shot. But as Addie navigates the choppy waters ahead, she can count on guidance from the three bravest silver-haired women she knows. Addie is a complex multifaceted woman with her share of flaws, but she will learn to shine. After all, she is a diamond in the rough.



2 thoughts on “Book Projects

    • The second book is on Amazon along with the third, the fourth book won’t be out until next year. If you are in Mount Pleasant The Sweetgrass ACE hardware, the one with the post office inside has my titles as well. So glad you are enjoying them!


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