Little Miracles



One of my orchids in bud

I’ve been home sick for the past few days and thanks to Tamiflu and lots of rest I woke up feeling like myself¬†this morning. When not sleeping I have been indulging in Britbox and snuggling with my fur babies. I’ve also had time to observe, think and reflect.

I have two orchid plants, both given as gifts several years ago and somehow I’ve managed to get them to rebloom multiple times. I confess I know very little about orchids and their care. I find they do better with a little neglect, each rebloom comes as a surprise, or one might say a minor miracle.

As a stem on one is now loaded with buds, I’ve found myself wishing to witness the moment one or more opens into blossom. I wish I had a way to set up a camera to capture that moment in case it happens when I’m not attentive.

What’s likely to happen as I step back into the world, is that one day this week I will notice that the orchid is in full bloom, totally missing the magical moment of the unfolding of the petals. As a rule, I’m a fairly attentive person. many friends have commented on my ability to recall details from past events. But like most humans, I get caught up in the busyness of life and miss the little miracles of life that occur around us every day.

Thinking about those little miracles made me reflect on life. Times are difficult right now. I imagine historians will view this period as one of upheaval and darkness around the globe.  But even in times of chaos if we take a moment we can find these every day little miracles all around us.

I can’t help but see hope in these small miracles and have some faith for bigger ones. Out of chaos will come order, out of sadness, joy will be found. Out of illness, health with be restored.

I’m challenging myself to focus on the everyday miracles, the joyous moments, and the goodness of humanity. Like each step adds up to a journey, each everyday miracle could lead to some big ones with a little faith.