Season of the Optimist

WP_20160313_001It is hard to be pessimistic with the warm sunshine, the clear blue skies with puffy white clouds and mother nature adorning our gardens with flowering trees and daffodils. It is the season with lucky leprechauns and chocolate bunnies. It is the season of rebirth and fresh starts.

I identify with the optimists.  I like the idea that things can always improve. That around the next corner is something better.  That when we falter, we can get back up again. This does not mean I don’t experience real pain and disappointment,  oh I feel all emotions very deeply, it means I try to learn from them and grow. It also means I focus on the silver lining that is always present, even when it requires a deep search to find it.

I have shared before that I made a conscious effort over a year ago to celebrate life and have gratitude for the daily blessings.  Part of this is looking forward and embracing the challenges. It also means trying new things and taking risks, believing that it will all work out.  Isn’t funny that somehow it always does, even if it might not be what you envisioned at the start?

A little over a month from now, a dream I have pursued for the past several years will be realized, my first book will be available for public consumption. (More details coming in blog posts later this month.) I have a broad range of emotions.  I am exhilarated by the prospect of seeing my book with  a real cover and flipping through the pages.  I am scared it won’t be well received, after all a bit of my soul is in every page.  I am elated that I have reached this milestone in my journey. I am nervous I will drop something as I add another ball to juggle in my daily life. But my inner voice keeps telling me with clarity, it will all work out.

So in this season, seemingly designed for the optimist, I find this new step well timed.  I am not seeking fame or fortune, I just want to connect with readers. I want them to relate to my characters, laugh a little, maybe tear up a little and when they close the book, feel like they left behind a friend.  Of course I want them to want to read my next novel, coming out late September-early October.  What author wouldn’t want these things?

Before the end of Spring I should have a good picture of how my first novel was received. I an sure I will learn a few things.  I am sure I will be surprised by a few things.  I am also sure that it will work out just fine.  After all, what else can an optimist expect?

Southern Girl Rule #15: See Your Personalized Wine Glass As Half Full


My Personalized Wine Glass

Okay, I am making up the rules again, one of these days I might need to write down the rules as I see them and make them official, but for now just go with it. Rule #15 came to me as I opened what was described to me by the giver as just a little surcie.  I beg to disagree, this was a fabulous, thoughtful gift.

I have a friend at work who is always smiling. We don’t see each other much during the day as she works as a kindergarten assistant and our paths don’t cross much, but over the years we have developed a friendship and this past year we became Facebook friends. Through those crazy quizzes, which admit it, we all secretly enjoy, We have bonded, particularly when one quiz deemed her “Cutie” and me “Princess” so we have been to each other ever since.  I have discovered her great sense of humor and her big heart. Even when life has given her things to have sour grapes about, she radiates joy and optimism.

Which brings me back to my rule #22.  Life should be viewed as half full, not empty. Celebrate all that we have and look forward to the blessings yet to come.  This certainly makes life more enjoyable.  This should be practiced with your fabulous self shining for all to see.  So I fully intend to enjoy an adult beverage in princess glass and I might even slip on one of my tiaras while I do it.  For sure, each time I use this glass I will think of the fabulous “Cutie” LaSonya who’s warm soul brings sunshine and light into my kingdom. This “Princess” is truly blessed.